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Vớ Đạp Xe Velobici Modernist Premgripp - MS D22-153

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Modernist by Scott Mitchell Premgripp® ride socks

The premier sock with offset technology that enhances blood circulation to your feet and lower leg.

Following two years of development, a new generation in cycling sockwear is born.

Exclusive to Vélobici, Premgripp® offset foot technology helps to stimulate the nerve endings connected to the riders’ calf muscles, in turn enhancing blood circulation in the lower leg and feet, helping to alleviate the problem of numb toes and feet.

Vélobici/Premgripp® socks are also the ultimate in comfort and support, designed to increase the grip between the foot, sock and shoe, in turn improving your pedalling performance.

  • Enhances blood circulation, improves performance
  • Helps to alleviate numb toes and feet
  • increased grip between foot, sock & shoe
  • Roundel embroidery
  • Designed and made in England
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  • Màu Xanh Dương
Size M
VNĐ 1,000,000
Số lượng0Cái, Tổng số tiền VNĐ 0
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